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Antonymy is a second order property related to the OWL notion of inverseOf, false friends and homograph are relations between terms with comparable expressions however completely different referents.

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Handmade Furniture,handmade wood furniture,handmade furniture near me,handmade wood furniture near me,custom handmade furnitureCelebrated British furniture designer, Tom Faulkner, designs and makes beautiful and distinctive furnishings and equipment. The facilities offered by TermFactory for interlingual intercultural communication conform to classical terminology principle, but aren’t confined to terminology only. The OWL version of the Recommended Upper Model Ontology SUMO () from Teknowledge (model 1.5.?) contains around 10K lessons on the prime.

The meanings may also be different assets (have completely different URIs), so long as they’re OWL equal. Burrow has dubbed itself the Casper of Couches” with affordable, customizable mid-century modern furniture. Transposed to assets and ontologies, an ontology useful resource “is” the ontology of all triples about it: the ontology which distinguishes it from different resources.

Within the above example, the which means of the predicates rdf:type and rdf:subClassOf is fixed (and explained) by the W3 consortium. An RDF property is a URI (named useful resource) that represents a binary relation considered object-orientedly, as a property of members of its domain, taking values from a range.

Every piece of unique furnishings is created with an attention to element that’s unmatched. It’s possible, however not obligatory, to specify individual kind, superclass of class, and area and vary of object properties. Orientation has to do with the selection of origin and order of traversal of the ontology graph about it. The TF XHTML format permits switching between concept-oriented, lemma-oriented, and time period-oriented layouts, as well as defining new ones.

A very good TF sub-ontology bridges its prime concepts (at least indirectly) to the TF schema and checks predefined courses and properties for fit before subclassing or inventing its personal. But basically, by now, TermFactory useful resource identifiers had greatest be IRIs, using percent encoding solely as necessary.

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After that, the sort goes on as in the earlier case: first by worth, and eventually by property again (this time using the entire kind property string as typical.) For example, the above kind property settings trigger type properties to get sorted first, after that, definitions and phrases are first grouped by language code, and inside every group, definitions are sorted earlier than phrases.


Character encoding issues could be greatest avoided by forgetting prefixes and conserving resource names as IRIs (e.g. ). If many useful resource names share one widespread prefix, they can be abbreviated to relative URIs by setting the shared prefix as the @base URI of the document.

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