Perennials are The #1 Flowering Plants Used In Flower Gardens and Beds

Perennials are The #1 Flowering Plants Used In Flower Gardens and Beds

Perennial plants are now the new choice of many gardeners and other people who enjoy the same thing. You would ask why; the reason being their lifespan. Where annual plants have a life span of 2 years before regrowing, the beauty of perennials is something different. They grow quickly and have a lifespan of 2 years. Black-Eyed Susan, Blazing Star, Bugleweed, Clematis, and Coneflower are some of the best examples and plants that fall in this category. 

It is not just their extended lifespan that makes it such a popular and opted item but also the beauty and their charm. Not to forget that their extended lifespan gives an added advantage of being cheap. But whatsoever be the reason steering you to buy and plant these flowers, here we have some important information for you about the same thing. This blog is going to help you out with a few concerns and make things better.

What are perennial flowers?

Perennial Flowers as we have already discussed are 2-year plants that have an extended lifespan than the usual ones. Their leaves and flowers remain the same for these years. One of the best things about perennials is that some of them can grow literally anywhere. In a good sense, perennials are known to be the backbone of any garden. And that’s true because of their extensive growth, 2-year life cycle, and the enchanting flower bed. All of this together makes these plants the number 1 flowering plants in a garden or bed. 

What are the best perennials that can be planted?

Although many of these category plants grow on their own, here is a list of those that you should grow in your garden or your flower beds. Also, these plants will give you beautiful flowers for many years. So, here are some of the best amongst them that you can grow in your flower bed.

1. Dutchman’s Breeches

One of the finest perennials plants- Dutchman’s Breeches has a lot of quality. This white-flowered plant is something that will give your flower bed a great look and make-over. These are the natives of North America and the best time to plant them is during the fall season. This plant has a good charm and comes at its best in the spring season. Though the flowering season of Dutchman might be lesser than the usual plants in this category, it is going to be a great addition to your flower bed. 

2. New England Aster

One of the wildest plants in this category and you will not have to worry about planting them over and over. Once they start growing somewhere, they would simply take up the space they want. New England Aster is more like a shrub that reaches a height of 6 feet. Its profusion of small and beautifully looking purple flowers will make things better in your garden. Not only does it attract more eyes but a lot more than that.

3. Montauk Daisy

Although this is a perennial plant, you will have to take care of a few things while planting this. Montauk Daisy is also known as Nippon Daisy and is one of those plants that require an average drained soil and a full sun at least. The flowers are just like the daisy but the leaves and petals are too green and the combination looks so amazing.  

4. Black-Eyed Susan

This is a native of North America and one of those plants that will give your flower bed a beautiful hue of yellow. Black-Eyed Susan highly resembles the sunflower but there surely are a few differences that make them apart. This is amongst the wildflowers grown in the garden or jungle. They just need one plant to grow and they multiply quickly and abruptly. 


Did you know, there are many medicinal plants too that fall in this category. Apart from the beauty, it beholds in the garden or wherever planted, there are many other advantages too! It is important that before you plan or plant any of these in your garden, you should consult and talk to an expert. Because finding the right plant is also not that easy. You might get a plant easily but how to make out if it is already on the verge of 2-years. So there are multiple things that have to be kept in mind while judging the plant, its life, and other things.

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