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The worldwide internet useful resource identifiers (URLs, URIs, IRIs, URNs) are unambiguous all right, however they are additionally lengthy, ugly, and onerous to recollect.

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There is a language independent (individual) idea ont1:Finland of sort ont:Nation It is associated by relations like ont:hasPeople and ont:hasRegion to the ideas PeopleOfFinland and RegionOfFinland , which belong to courses ont:Individuals, sem:Animate and ont:Area, sem:Inanimate , respectively.

OWL has its personal definitional primitives owl:sameAs and owl:equivalentClass For a TF definition to be right, the definiens and its definiendum should be logically equal in OWL phrases, i.e. the relation owl:equivalentClass (or owl:sameAs within the case of individuals) holds between the referents of the definiens and the definiendum.

Typically retailer-bought furnishings is made on an inexpensive body which is not designed to withhold the take a look at of time. The repository’s favorite prefixes will be made public in the repository’s file and in residence ontology paperwork. There could stay situations in the knowledge that aren’t listed as entries, though they could be proved to be members of the entry root class from the model and schema collectively, utilizing sort realization and enough time.

There isn’t any notion of “minimal entry” in TF. Any set of triples conformant to the TF schema can constitute a TF doc. Hyphen and undescore used as expression and time period separators in TF descriptive URIs are included within the TF3 non-reserved character set.

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The TermFactory root server is at The ontologies that it maintains are at Generally, the default place for the ontologies held by a TermFactory site is Localization recordsdata for an ontology may be elsewhere, at a website that needs to present a given localization language for an ontology. Beautiful bespoke furnishings made at our workshops in Suffolk. We provide superbly designed outside and indoor furnishings ranges which are all hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia.


Common resource locators (URL) have been defined 1994 in Internet Engineering Job Group’s request for feedback RFC 1738 Right here, hostless absolute file urls had three slashes in a row. The common language expression, and common language normally, is kind relative to particular-language terminology.

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