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These are all XML doc associated abbreviatory conventions to avoid writing URIs in full, nothing to do with the RDF graph or OWL ontology being described.

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Handmade Furniture,handmade wood furniture,handmade furniture near me,handmade wood furniture near me,custom handmade furnitureThe Joinery’s Whitman bed is impressed by Mid-Century modern furnishings. Take for instance the use of the identify of a country like Finland between animate (the individuals) and inanimate (the area), as in Finland fought Russia and Finland borders Russia If we deal with this as a homonymy, we distinguish two (individual) ideas ont1:PeopleOfFinland and ont1:RegionOfFinland , the previous in school sem:Animate and the latter in sem:Inanimate , and two homomymous phrases en-Finland-N_-_ont1-PeopleOfFinland , en-Finland-N_-_ont1-RegionOfFinland If we do the identical with all nation names in all languages, we get a whole lot of homonyms.

The main classification instruments in an OWL ontology are class and property hierarchies. Apart from, it usually makes little sense to consider an ontology useful resource as a fragment of anyone particular ontology document, since TF resources might be described at many locations in one doc and in many alternative paperwork.

The TermFactory term ontology schema defines the skeleton of a multilingual terminological ontology in OWL, conformant with current terminology requirements and other language know-how requirements , wealthy and exact sufficient to help semantic inference and language expertise purposes.

Having your furnishings custom made ensures a robust frame and excessive-quality materials, often that you’ve handpicked your self. As things go, an ontology useful resource URI like #useful resource could not resolve to any document in the websphere. The widespread language expression, and common language basically, is type relative to particular-language terminology.

This differential therapy goes with the fact that nations form a partOf hierarchy (USA is part of America), whereas languages or domains form a subclassOf hierarchy (American English is a subclass of English). Also keep in mind is that an OWL ontology is not just a taxonomy in the classical Aristotelian sense of a tree of genera and species.

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In graph phrases, the reified meaning constitutes the hub of a spanning subtree of form-that means relations that removes the redundancy of a square matrix of bilateral synonymy relations. Combining each modern and conventional methods and materials to create exciting and alluringly elegant products and furnishings. Additionally remember is that an OWL ontology is not just a taxonomy in the classical Aristotelian sense of a tree of genera and species.


A practical benefit of descriptive URIs is that they carry the important thing properties of the term on the URI, which quickens searches. A query engine is ready to return significant subsets on the premise of subproperty classifications without having to know the person properties.

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