What is the Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning?

What is the Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning?

Often, commercial and industrial cleaning are used interchangeably, but a key difference can affect your business.

Industrial cleaning is specialized and carries more hazards than commercial cleaning professionals Southern California, so trained and certified professionals must carry it out. They use specialized chemicals, safety equipment, and procedures to keep workers safe.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning professionals Southern California is a cleaning service that provides services for public spaces. These include office buildings, retail outlets, food service facilities, schools, and daycares.

Commercial cleaners provide daily cleaning and maintenance to these places, including removing trash, mopping floors, sanitizing bathrooms, and emptying garbage cans. They also dust light fixtures, clean windows, and thoroughly wipe down floors and walls.

Industrial cleaning, on the other hand, is a type of cleaning that focuses on industrial environments such as warehouses, power plants, and factories. These environments often require special equipment and more complex cleaning methods.

Industrial cleaning requires specialized training and safety protocols. It also involves working around heavy machinery and ensuring the site is debris-free from outside areas.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services are specialized for areas within industrial facilities. These include factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and power plants.

These are highly contaminated spaces that require specialized cleaning and maintenance. These services help keep your facility compliant with state and federal contamination laws, promoting a safe work environment, productivity, and product quality.

In general, industrial cleaning is on a larger scale, requires greater attention to detail, meets health and safety standards, and uses different techniques and chemicals than commercial cleaning professionals Southern California.

Typically, industrial cleaning is carried out by a team of cleaners with the specialized knowledge and training required for this type of cleaning.

In addition to standard cleaning, industrial cleaners provide pest control, allergy cleaning, deep cleaning, waste management, mold removal, and grounds upkeep. They can also respond to hazardous spills, leaks, and contaminated surfaces.


Industrial cleaning is a more specialized form of cleaning that includes working with hazardous chemicals and equipment. Therefore, employees must receive extensive training and follow various procedures before safely working in these environments.

Commercial cleaning is different, focusing on areas where people typically spend time, like offices and schools. This is why a cleaner should focus on delivering a safe and healthy clean for their staff and customers.

Keeping workplaces clean is essential for everyone’s health and productivity. However, a cluttered or messy workspace can affect staff productivity, cause illness, and pose a fire hazard if a small fire spreads rapidly.

One of the essential safety measures for a cleaning business is to ensure that all employees are well-trained in OSHA standards and guidelines. This will emphasize safety compliance and avoid violations resulting in significant financial losses or legal issues.


To become an industrial cleaner, you must have a strong work ethic and the ability to work in harsh environments. These environments can include power plants, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

Many people assume that industrial cleaning is dirty and dangerous, but it can be a gratifying career. There are plenty of on-the-job training opportunities and the possibility of working in various industries.

When dealing with hazardous waste, industrial cleaning companies have extensive training in handling these spills and contaminated areas. They will also know how to dispose of them correctly and in the most efficient way possible.

Keeping a clean and safe work area is vital for employees and the public, especially regarding food processing plants, manufacturing spaces, and hospitals. These environments are governed by strict hygiene regulations, and professional cleaning companies that understand these standards will be more effective at keeping them clean.

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