What Is a Wine Cellar Room and Tall Slim Wine Rack?

What Is a Wine Cellar Room and Tall Slim Wine Rack?

Watching movie stars sipping wine in luxurious surroundings, you naturally imagine the wine cellar room in the basement. While it’s true that cellars are for wine storage, they are no longer limited to life underground. Basement level cellars have the advantage of natural humidity control, but wine rooms are the new homes of wine collections. Cellars are underground, and wine rooms are in living spaces. One is for storage, and the other combines storage with the beauty of wine on display. Both have strict temperature controls. What do the enormous storage racks in a vast cellar have in common with a tall slim wine rack in your lounge? As it turns out, quite a lot.

Why Wine Racks are for Everyone

Wine racks are not just for holding wine. Serious thought went into how the bottles should be held to increase the longevity of their contents. Wine bottles should be stored lying on their sides. This keeps the wine in contact with the cork. A moist pin is necessary to avoid shrinkage, which could lead to oxidation or leakage. As wines shouldn’t be moved more often than needed, strong racks are a great way to hold many bottles in as small a space as possible. To avoid damage to bottles and labels, wood is the material of choice for wine shelves and racks. This has the added benefit of providing vibration damping. Wine racks have been making their way into modern homes for decades, with many people proudly displaying their collections. Racks holding as few as six bottles can be seen on walls and countertops globally. At the same time, some lucky few have a division dedicated to racks holding gleaming bottles with military precision. Like the considerations of cellar owners, wine rack placement also needs some thought.

Where to Place a Wine Rack

Many factors can damage wine. Sunlight is to be avoided at all costs. When selecting a spot for your wine rack, check over a whole day to ensure that it doesn’t get sunlight at any time. Heat sources are another enemy of wine, so bear this with other appliances that may exude heat or have vents. In smaller homes, a kitchen may seem like the best place for your wine rack, and it could be if you choose a suitable spot. Something is satisfying about having your wines on hand for entertaining and cooking. Wine racks can be large and free-standing, wall-mounted or tiny and in a corner. Some people place them into cabinets for an easy upgrade. Hanging wine racks are very popular as space-saving showpieces. Whether you make your own, buy or have them custom-made, wine racks are for everyone. But which wines can be stored in them?

Wines for Wine Racks

It must be noted that wine racks are not intended for long-term storage. Proper temperature and humidity control are essential for storing wine. A dedicated wine fridge is the best option for wines you want to age. A wine rack works for short-term storage and is a beautiful display. This is especially true when entertaining, as the bottles can be within reach without being in the way. If a wine rack is your only wine storage option, don’t fret, many wines can be stored like this, mainly if the temperature and lighting conditions are controlled. Before opening a bottle, check the recommended serving temperature and chill your wine accordingly. With a bit of preparation, you can always ‘love the wine you’re with.’ Salut!

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